First Alaska Rescue Trip Video

WELCOME to “Rescue Team 313” and Hello to all Friends and Fans of Corry RAILS, Climax, and Geared & Articulated Steam Locomotives.

It has been 4 months since Climax A-313 arrived back home in Corry, Pa. and our Videographer, Donnie Rosie and his team, have been busy working on a short video of the rescue trip and Climax A-313’s return to Corry after 118 years in Alaska.

Three years to the month from the Corry RAILS group making the decision to pursue bringing the last complete Climax “A” home, and to complete its restoration, the Rescue Team left for the “Land of the Midnight Sun” (the third trip to Alaska by Corry RAILS) to finalize the purchase, reload and ship A-313 on her 4000 mile journey back to her birthplace and new home in Corry.

The Team left Corry on August 23rd, 2020, and arrived back home on September 2nd – Mission Accomplished!! On October 16th, 2020 the Container bearing all the parts arrived at our new Corry RAILS Restoration Shop in Corry.

On our 2020 trip, we had originally planned to spend time doing more research, taping interviews, and shooting footage for our planned two-part Documentary on Climax A-313, however COVID restrictions prevented most of that from happening. Our plans are still moving forward for this Documentary and we are hopeful that a fourth trip to Alaska will occur later in 2021 as the A-313 Project moves fully into Phase II.

Here is a short 15-minute video of our trip and the arrival home in Corry, Pa. Please enjoy the film… Your comments and questions are always appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen… liking the Facebook page will assure you of getting notices of future postings.