Who is Corry RAILS?

Corry R.A.I.L.S. (Corry Rail and Industrial Legacy Society) formed in 2016 with the focus to find, restore and display artifacts from the Corry area’s industrial and railroad heritage, while encouraging local tourism. We are a 501c3 Charitable Organization.

Six months after forming we had settled on what we hoped would be our first artifact … Project “A”…to attempt to purchase a rare Climax Locomotive Class “A” built in Corry in 1902.

In mid 2018 we visited it in Alaska and over the next year we achieved various stages in negotiations until we had a signed Agreement in August of 2019, while at the same time raising funds for its purchase and retrieval. In the Fall of 2019 we were back in Alaska to begin arranging for the packing and shipping in 2020. When 2020 offered obstacles to travel, our trip to Palmer, Alaska to start the return trip for the A-313, was postponed until that last possible days of August. You can find reports of that trip on this site.

With the A-313 is safely back in Corry, PA. it rests and waits less that 1/4 mile from the building where it was manufactured back in 1902. Phase One (the purchase) and Phase Two (“Bringing ‘er Home”) are complete. Phase Three (and beyond) are underway. Our goal is to fully restore the A-313, using as many of the original parts as possible. We are making progress with every work session and Open House.

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