10-11-2020 The A313 is Almost Home!

Hi all…. the next to the last magic hour of Phase I has happened…. 

About 5:15 this afternoon A-313 entered Pennsylvania under the guidance of Howard Blystone, driver for Barnhart Transportation…

There were some issues at the beginning… I was told that the Container was a “Standard” Container…. it is a “Hi-Cube” Container… so the trailer should have been a drop-deck trailer… so they ended up having to get “over-height” Permits for each state… some of them he had to take some back roads to avoid bridges.  The truck was loaded Tuesday afternoon and that is when the height problem was discovered… some older tractors may have been able to lower the airbags and lower the height by the 4″ necessary… not the newer rig… Barnhart got all of the paperwork done for the permits on Wednesday, but Howard looked at his logbook and if he had left right then he would have been limited to 7 or 8 hours a day… by waiting till Thursday morning he started into a new cycle, not being so limited. 

So he left Thursday morning… that evening he was in Bozeman, MT.  By Saturday night he was in Gary, Indiana.  He was on the road at 6 this morning but couldn’t go on either the Indiana or Ohio Turnpikes and finally got on I-271 down by Lodi, Ohio about 3:30 this afternoon.

Bottom line is that the Container is now in Barnhart’s yard… and yes, there are Permit fees we will be picking up… and maybe some driver time as well.   So… now we begin coordinating Barnhart and Rog’s and a NON-RAIN day… probably this week… maybe next… for getting it put into the Restoration Shop.  I think I sent a note out that Rog’s Crane Service is donating the lift-off and placement… another Seabee contact comes through.