We’ve Unloaded the Container

We are a few steps (and lifts) closer to the work of restoring the Climax A313 Locomotive.

Since its return to Corry last fall, the A313 has been patiently resting in the container that brought it back from Alaska. Travel by ship and truck proved to have maintained the integrity of the many pieces and parts that were lovingly packed by our team. (You can see the story of the trip to Alaska to prepare shipment in earlier posts and on the RAILS Facebook page, and a video can be seen here)

On March 27, 2021, members of the Corry RAILS Board and some friends and consulting experts gathered at the Restoration Building to bring the A313 out of storage. We were glad to see that all had made the trip well. In about 6 hours, the fully packed shipping container was empty and the building was brimming with pieces, parts and anticipation.

RAILS thanks those who were able to help. We will certainly be needing more assistance in the future…. knowledge…planning…mechanical and technical skills…physical work and financial support.

Carl (kneeling) Connie, Grady, Steve, Rob, Norm, Ron, Tom (behind the boiler)

Currently, we are planning for a welcome home event to be held in mid May. There will be various vendors and groups participating and a chance to check out pieces of history from 1902 Corry and Climax Manufacturing. We hope you will plan to join us. More information will be available here and on the Facebook page when things are finalized.

In the meantime, here is a short video of the March 27th unloading.