Carl’s Saturday Report- Day 6

Day No. 6 of Rescue 313 – Saturday at the worksite near Palmer Alaska saw us moving parts around and filling in inventory sheets…. Grady and Steve were deep into the bowels of the container pulling out parts and pieces while Norm was helping sort parts into groups…

We had several visitors show up to lend a hand… Tara & Chris Lyons from out in Columbus came by and spent most of the day helping us to label and pack parts… they are up here visiting their son who is in the Air Force at Joint Base Richardson… Tab & Deb Gray, ex-from Lottsville, PA & now living outside of Palmer came by in the morning for a couple of hours…. of course, Erik was in and out several times…. Pat Durand was with us for a few hours… and Ray, Josie and Travis Foster, fellow Seabee and provider of our motor-home and extendalift came by for an hour or so….

All-in-all a very successful day and the weather held up for us… the evening… after having dinner we headed over to Wasilla and had a personal tour by Pat Durand of the 557 Project for the Crew… what an amazing job pat and the guys are doing with that engine…. when we got back to the Hotel, I think all of us were ready to hit the sheets…. I think I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

This morning several people will be joining us for breakfast…. and then off to continue on with the work… so here we go…. looks like a good day weather wise today but could be hitting rain tomorrow… so we need to get as much done today as we can, including moving the container onto the delivery chassis.

Off to Breakfast….

Carl W

I knew these guys wanted to be a part of the team…