Update from Palmer~Day 5 (Friday)

Day No. 5 of Rescue 313 – This morning we started with a short briefing with the whole crew in our hotel room before heading downstairs for breakfast. Since Tom and I were unable to get through all of the off-site storage units yesterday where some of the parts have been stored, we again split up with Tom, Grady & Steve staying on at the worksite removing parts from the container and cataloging them… they were joined by 557 Team leader Pat Durand and 557 volunteer Gene Augustine.

I shoved off Chugiak with Norm to hopefully complete locating all of the offsite parts.

By the time we returned a large percentage of the parts had been removed and many of them have now been inventoried and catalogued. Tomorrow will be a challenging day, working towards completing the Inventorying of all parts, and then preparing to re-pack it all.

Saturday will be interesting with the possibility of several people we haven’t met yet, but with connections to PA and Corry, or to the Seabees, showing up to help.

It will definitely be a long day since the weather forecasts a change coming late in the day with temps dropping some and rain.

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Thank you everyone for following our progress.

Carl W – Corry RAILS