Getting Down to Brass Tacks…Day 5

Well, I am not sure that there are any brass tacks….Now that the full rescue team is on-site, the work of removing everything from the storage container where it had been placed following the death of Keith Christenson (who had begun restoration in 1980) has begun.

I am sure that Carl W. will continue his reports once his hands are free from sorting, labeling and re-packing. But in the meantime, here are some photos to keep you up to date. These photos were clipped from a video that Donnie R posted on Facebook .

A member of the A-313 Rescue Team checks out the inside of the storage container

Once all parts and pieces are inventoried, labeled and re-packed, everything will go back into the storage container for the trip back to Corry

We will all be watching for another report from the site.

For now, we wish the team the best in their endeavor to prepare the A-313, brass tacks or no, for her return home.