Quick Day 4 (Thursday)-The rest of the Team Arrives

Day No. 4, Rescue 313 – Today was a very fast paced day for Tom and me… there wasn’t much to show with photographs, so none are included here. We started out by heading to several stores to pick up supplies… some Sterlite rubber totes, zip-lock bags, duct-tape, …that kind of stuff. We were also back over to the 557 Project to pick up some cardboard, chat with Pat for a few minutes and say hi to another fellow Pennsylvanian (now living in Anchorage), Gene Augustine, who we had met on each of our previous trips, in 2018 and 2019 to visit the 557 Project. Gene is a Volunteer at the 557 Project.

After grabbing a Burger to go we beat feet to the jobsite to unload and then headed south to catch up with Erik to go through several lockers where additional parts have been in storage. We were only able to spend about 3 hrs going through one locker before we had to head back to the Hotel and then head out to pick up the rest of our crew at the airport…. and in they came, two landing at 5:36 and the other one at 5:39. We were on our way back to Palmer. On the way we took them to the jobsite and answered a bunch of questions… and by then it was dinner time. We had a great dinner and everyone headed for their rooms and their beds.

Donnie and Tonya heading out for more video and interviews

Tomorrow is the beginning of the real push and I still have four more lockers to go through… so, off to bed I go. Carl W.