A Trip to the Industrial Past

In preparation for rebuilding the A-313, some members of the RAILS Team will make a trip to Rice Landing, PA to visit the WA Young Machine Shop. Built in 1900, the shop produced parts for steamboats, coal mines, railroads, and for local businesses. The Machine Shop, as it’s known, received recognition as a National Historic Landmark in 2017. https://riversofsteel.com/attractions/w-a-young-sons-foundry-and-machine-shop/

While visiting the shop, the team will meet with people who are knowledgeable about Climax Locomotive rebuilds (at Cass, WV and others). The photos taken during the fall trip to Alaska will be reviewed and labeled as a part of the Bill of Materials being developed. This Bill of Materials will be helpful as the A-313 is packed for travel, and later as the rebuild continues back in Corry.

Some of the machines at the machine shop are probably similar to one used for building the A-313 in 1902 or its later cousins, Climax B and C.