Planning, Planning, Planning…July!!!!

The RAILS Team met again this morning to continue planning for the summer retrieval of the A313. Obviously, things are a bit uncertain at this point, but we are looking hopefully to mid July to make the trip to Alaska to get all of the parts and pieces ready to come back home.

Additionally, we will be working with a videographer to capture our work and some interviews with folks who have played important roles in the life of our A313. We will be creating a documentary of the rescue and rebuilding as it continues.

We are fortunate to have a team of knowledgeable folks from our RAILS Team, from the Cass, WV Climax rebuild as well as from Alaska who will be assisting in preparation, packing and, once the A313 is home, with getting the engine back together and ready to roll.

Over the next few months, watch for opportunities to hear more about the plans and process. Watch for your chance to buy a mile of the A313’s trip home. And, once the engine is back in Corry, be ready to celebrate the arrival and to kick off the next chapter in the A313’s life story.