Made it to Seattle…the ocean leg is complete- Sept. 10

Just a quick note to the Team, the Board & misc Friends of Corry RAILS.  As of 7pm eastern Thursday, Sept. 10th. the Barge Whittier Provider is off Port Townsend, Washington and Admiralty Bay heading for the entrance to Puget Sound… About 60 miles from docking, with Corry RAILS Climax A-313 aboard.  She should dock late tonight. 

From Whittier, AK to Seattle, WA on the Whittier Provider
A look at what a load on the Whittier Provider looks like at the port in Seattle

Once the Container is offloaded, she will wait patiently for our trucker to arrive for the final leg of her journey home, to Corry, PA.   It has been over 118 years since she left Corry, destined for the Wild Goose RR in Nome & Council and Home’s Gold Rush… as part of North America’s northernmost Railroad…

The A-313 laying track for itself in Alaska in 1902.

If you haven’t heard the story of the A-313, you can find it here.

Then the real work begins. Carl Wassink, Corry RAILS