Alaska or Bust!

It’s happening! We are heading to Alaska to bring the A-313 Climax Locomotive home to her birthplace in Corry.

With all of the uncertainty we are facing, extra diligence in planning and preparation has been needed. Frustrations, headaches, hesitations…but more than those…determination, excitement and focus have been our companions over the last few months.

The main team will be heading to the airport (with negative COVID certification in hand) on August 23rd. Others will follow in the next days. The team includes folks with knowledge of the area and contacts in Alaska, those with expertise in rebuilding Climax locomotives and a documentarian to gather video of the experience. Willing, supportive volunteers are waiting in Alaska to carefully and respectfully unpack, inventory, document and repack the A-313 for travel by ocean and roadway.

Watch the website and Facebook for continuing updates as the trip progresses. We will try to post at least daily so that you can be a part of this long-awaited preservation launch.

A gigantic THANK YOU to our current and future supporters!

If you would like to be a part of getting our A-313 back home, please consider participating in the “Buy a Mile” Campaign being conducted by the Corry Young Professionals. For a tax-deductible donation of $5/ mile you can help the A-313 make the trip from Alaska to Corry.