Fall Trip to Alaska

A lot was accomplished during our 11 day trip to Alaska in September. Connections were made with several families and individuals who support our endeavor to transport the
A-313 Climax Locomotive back to Corry. With their assistance, transportation arrangements were begun and parts and pieces that need to be packed were found.

We met with Charlie Reader’s (Curly Q Railroad owner who found the A-313 after it had been abandoned for 59 years) daughter, Cussy. She shared some of her dad’s documents and photos with us. One document was a letter confirming that Charlie drug the A-313 into town in 1969.

We heard about and talked to folks who had more background on the early railroads and locomotives that may become important and helpful to us as we continue in our venture. We are grateful to those who helped with housing and made connections for us.

The “village” who is getting involved with Project “A” of Corry RAILS is growing as we work together to get our Climax A-313 back to her birthplace. If you’d like to become a Corry RAILS villager and help in your choice of ways more information is available here.