2021 in Review

Corry RAILS Update ~ Dec. 2021

Here is a quick update Tom VanTassel and Donnie did for you a week or so ago to give some more perspective on just what we have going on with the restoration as we go into Winter. If you are interested in participating you can contact us through our Facebook page either by a note on a posting or through messenger… or go to our Website at corryrails.com and there are links there as well… or even Email us a corryrails@gmail.com. You can also send us a “Snail Mail” at Corry RAILS, PO Box 313, Corry, PA 16407. We appreciate your support whether it is moral support, actively participating, becoming a Financial Donor and Supporter, or through In-Kind donations of applicable services or supplies ( we can use a lot of different services and suppliers of consumables ) … or even donations of shop equipment and tools. Join in on all of the fun in seeing this project come to life and learn some history in the process.