Operation Successfully Completed….A-313 is on the way home!

It has been quiet FROM the Alaska A-313 mining field for a couple days- but it hasn’t been quiet ON that field- The Team has been prospecting and gathering all of the pieces of gold that will become the A-313 Climax Engine refurbished in her home town.

So, here are a few final thoughts from Carl as the team and the A-313 begin to work their way home.

Day 9, I think….. OPERATION SUCCESSFUL!!! the container was delivered to Lynden Transport early this afternoon… and is on the move, heading home…. and following a great dinner we are now at the boarding gate awaiting our flight in an hour… It’s been an interesting, fun, tiring and eventful adventure for all of our crew… be arriving home Wednesday, early afternoon.
Carl W

The Team (From left: Steve Niederriter, Morgantown, WV; Grady Smith, Marietta, OH; Norm Thomas, Corry, PA; Tom VanTassel, Corry, PA; and taking the pic, Carl Wassink, Corry, PA.)