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The Team in Action

The Team in Action~~Getting the Word Out

As the Corry RAILS team works to let people know about the Climax A-313 Project and about Corry RAILS fundraising efforts, members of the team have attended several local and regional events.

~~~2022 Events~~~

First Friday, October 7- Climax and Corsets-Celebrating Innovation

September 17-Special Invitation Open House

This Open House was by invitation for our major sponsors and donors. Light refreshments were available and detailed tours of our project were shared with attendees.

September 10- Presentation

Carl was invited to present a session for the National Model Railroad Association meeting in Erie. He was able to share Corry RAILS mission and progress with an interested group.

February 5-Cabin Fever at Mead Park

RAILS participated in the Cabin Fever event ay Mead Park. We offered soup, hot dogs and cookies to help warm folks. We didn’t have quite as many folks as we had hoped, but we were able to share our A313 project.

~~~2021 Events~~~

First Friday Events were held in Corry and RAILS had a presence at several of them

Open House. May 15 at the Restoration Building

~~~2020 Events~~~

December First Friday in Corry

Corry RAILS participated in First Friday and weekends following until Christmas by hosting a model train display in a storefront on Center Street. It was fun to see the kids of all ages enjoying the trains and learning about the Climax A313 Project and how they might be able to get involved.

We thank those who joined us for the train display. We appreciate that everyone was respectful of the need to exercise caution by wearing masks and keeping a safe distance from others.

The trains in the display included Climax B and Shay locomotives and several various cars in a winter/Christmas scene.

Ride along on the trains

First Friday in Corry

Members of the Corry Young Professionals joined Corry RAILS at First Friday in Corry on August 7th. The Young Professionals are spearheading the “Buy a Mile” Campaign to raise funds for transporting the Climax A-313 from Alaska to Corry.

Erie Model Train Show, March, 2020

Corry RAILS was represented at the Erie Model Train Show. Our display included pictures of the A313, our “Bring ‘er Home” banner, merchandise, Climax “A” Club and a diorama of the Scott & Akin Tramway and Mill (where the invention of the Climax happened).

We talked with several folks about the project, shared some literature and gained a few members for the Climax “A” Club. Interest in our project was expressed by folks who will be looking forward to what the coming months will hold.

~~~2019 Events~~~

Erie Model Train Show- March, 2019

Model Railroad fans had a chance to chat with Corry RAILS about the project as it was displayed with the “Bring ‘er Home Theme on a banner and large historical photos.

CorryFest- 2019

Team members shared an informational brochure, had merchandise available for purchase, recruited members to the Climax Class “A” Club and spoke enthusiastically to interested folks about the A-313 Project.

Harrisburg Narrow Gauge Show- June, 2109

Attendees at the show were able to check out pictures, acquire merchandise and hear details of the A-313 Project and Corry RAILS mission

Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Show- July, 2019

Climax Locomotive History, the A-313 Project, donations and lots of conversations

Corry First Friday Events

The team stationed on the sidewalk sharing info, getting memberships and letting folks know what Corry RAILS and the A-313 Project will mean to Corry as it progresses.

Merchandise Sales at Hiram’s Marketplace

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